New Features in AntiVirus for WordPress

This post originally appeared in Sergej Müller’s Google+ profile (in German) and is no longer accessible there. It’s now kept here by the Pluginkollektiv.

I think everyone has seen it on the web: The notice in the browser or in Google search results indicating an infected website – the browser or even Google warn us not to visit certain pages on the web, as they are most likely to be contaminated with malware.

This technique is called Google Safe Browsing – Google is able to detect virus-infected pages quite reliably and warn visitors through such notices.

If the owner of an infected website is logged into Google Webmaster Tools, Google sends a timely notification with appropriate warning and assistance.

Now I have implemented an option in the AntiVirus plugin for WordPress, which was created in cooperation with Google: The plugin asks Google Safe Browsing daily whether the (own) website with installed plugin is free of infections. If one day it is (hopefully it will never happen) and Google has identified malware in the blog, the AntiVirus plugin sends an email to the blog administrator or to the person whose email address is entered in plugin settings.

This way, you will receive the notification even if you are not registered with the website in Webmaster Tools or do not have your own account. This way you can react quickly if your blog is “blocked” by Google.

The AntiVirus plugin version 1.3.4 is still available for free and ad-free download or update.

Improvements to the code, documentation and GUI are also part of the feature set.

Happy about reviews, Flattr or just thanks 😉

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