AntiVirus 1.5 released

Today we’d like to announce the release of 1.5.0. Half a year has passed since the latest maintenance update 1.4.4. As the version increment indicates, we have few, at least minor features on board this time.

New look for manual theme scans

We cleaned up things, separated the user interface for manual scans from the settings and have taken this opportunity to rework and modernize it.

The results are now displayed on tabular form in a familiar WordPress look. In addition to colors there is also visualization in form of text. The background functionality remains unchanged.

Worth to mention at this point that this modernization removes support for the Internet Explorer 11 – which should already have been the case for many functions since WordPress 5.8. This affects the settings and manual scans. The automatic, daily check is independent of this.

Safe Browsing – bring your own API key

Back in Version 1.4.3 (May 2021), we announced that we would discontinue support for the build-in, shared API key when using Google Safe Browsing. After what we consider to be an appropriate transition period, we have now implemented this so that a custom key is required in order to use this function. If you did not already enter one, it can be created free of charge in most cases and entered in the plugin settings. For further information on this, simply follow the documentation and the links on the settings page.

Minor improvements under the hood

A few less obvious changes are also included. Warnings when using PHP 8.1 or above are now gone. And the plugin is tested up to WordPress 6.4.

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